14 November, 2010

And Now, A Brief Word From Our Sponsor....

Oh wait, this is a not for profit blog.

Ok, then a brief word from me. Hopefully there will be a new review up soon for your enjoyment, but in the meantime here's why there was no new post last week.

I took a weekender to New York.

I realized (too late) that the three reviews I'd just written were all for January releases.

Halfway through a short film about Enid getting an iPad I realized I was getting new tires first. I don't think Enid at the auto repair shop holds the same charm. Could be wrong.

So! I will endeavor to dip into my book bag again shortly and read something a bit more current. In the interim I remind you that this is A Slacker's Guide To Her Book Bag.

Here's a picture of a kitten, I hear that's what the kids do these days.

Leave me alone, I'm reading.

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