04 June, 2011

Summer Is All About Reruns

Mergers by meoskop
Mergers, a photo by meoskop on Flickr.
I'm still doing the whole get over cancer thing, so the TBR reviews will continue. Hm, I should phrase that differently because I am already over cancer. So over it. Over, over, over. Stick a fork in cancer, because it's done.   (I just need my stitches to get the memo.) It's also summer, which means there is a gazebo or two out there with my name on it. Maybe even this one. If there's a gap here or there, a lack of comments, a bizarre run of random reading - blame it on the folly. I certainly will.


  1. Am keeping my fingers crossed for a fast and smooth recovery and lots of time in gazebos reading captivating books!

  2. Thanks - we've moved past the miserable part and into the tedious part. I am a terrible patient. This gazebo is in Skansen, a park in Stockholm. Skansen has outstanding gazebos but they are all locked. It's sad. Skansen also has wolverines. I admit, I found them rather terrifying.