07 December, 2011

Promotion: Agony / Ecstasy edited by Jane Litte

This is largely a comment free blog. Most people who have something to say do so via Twitter or email. I'm completely fine with that. Low comment ratio equals low spam attraction and an absolute dearth of trolls. (Not that I am in any way troll-phobic. While none of my best friends are trolls, there are members of my family who identify as troll-curious.) On the one hand, I enjoy the low profile way to express longer opinions. On the other hand, I don't hold giveaways.  It's a quandry. Especially with the release of Jane Litte's Agony / Ecstasy collection.

I enjoy Dear Author and I know Jane worked hard on this anthology. I'd buy it and review it, but I don't care for erotica (as we know) and I really don't care for BSDM. I'd hold a giveaway for it, but the same applies. So what to do? I do know this blog gets read, I see the traffic and I know what brings you by to see what I'm thinking about. I could pose a clever question like "Is this a book for you? Tell me why!" The problem is that you would and then I'd know. I really don't want to know. If I was interested in your erotic preferences I'd be sleeping with you. (No easy solution, I know.) If I solicited a guest review, I'd have to read it. The obvious answer is just to walk away from the entire thing.

Where is the ecstasy in that? The agony may be clear, but the ecstasy is lacking. Here is my solution. I will give an electronic copy of Agony / Ecstasy to someone who is not you. Or someone who is you. Either way. You're going to have to comment and I am going to have to read comments. (There's no way for us to get around that.) I'm going to run the contest for one week. I will pick one random winner and one winner who made me laugh. If you're the same person (or there is only one comment) you can choose the second winner. Random enough? I think so. Well then. If you're interested in the hybrid of me having comments (agony) and you getting free stuff (ecstasy) tell me why this book should be sent to the person you'd like it sent to. Clever promotion idea? Sad sob story? Entertain me and Jane Litte's collection will entertain you. (Or not. It's kind of what puts the Dom in random.)


  1. Clearly I should win because I am the first commenter. But if you need to laugh too (so picky) you should go watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzV8wrnLfS4 for no particular reason except that it always makes me laugh.
    Also, you need to be punished (i.e. you need to pay money to give me the book...I want the paper version, thank you very much) for believing that those of us who find B-D-S-M entertaining want to sleep with you when we talk about it. Ew. You are a macadamized shadow. That would be like when that guy gets his teeth rammed in by Edward Norton in American History X, you sick person, you. Was it Nora Ephron or Jennifer Crusie (or Dick van Patten) who said, when men talk about sex, they actually want sex. When I read BDSM, I just want to read BDSM...okay, maybe I want to write some...but I can still tell the difference between fantasy and reality (*snaps fingers and demands foot massage from naked house slave*) You need to give me that book now, to get its salacious, creepy, prurient words off your docket as quickly as possible (and because you owe me for muling that damn Dr. Who magazine all the way from London). Just send it to me now already. I want the Anne Calhoun. That's all I know. Hand it over.

  2. That's right. Give it to Megan, then she'll lend it to me. :-)

  3. Obviously demand on this contest was staggering. I had more comments in email and on twitter than here (as is normal for this blog) which kind of makes me wonder why I have a comment option at all....

    Magdalen, tell me where to send it and the format you prefer!