13 March, 2012

Review: Bossypants by Tina Fey

Warning: this is not an actual review.

In the event of an actual review, I would bitch about the content with supporting details. I might praise or gush over another aspect, again with supporting details. With a bestseller of this magnitude I'd probably not bother mentioning it at all unless I loved it more than it's mother.

Instead I offer you these facts. I picked Bossypants up in hardcover. It's in softcover now. I still haven't finished it. (We're not talking War & Peace here.) Unlike James Joyce, Fey uses punctuation with reasonable skill. The edition I have is in my native language. There is no reason for Bossypants to languish unfinished but it's content. I just don't care to read another page. I have given it several college tries (whatever that is, I think it involves beer kegs and vomit) yet failed. Parts of Fey's book strike me as classist. Parts of Fey's book struck me as racist. Precious little of it struck me as interesting or amusing. I've always enjoyed Tina Fey. I expected to enjoy Bossypants enough to preorder it. This is a book that one can judge by the cover. I thought the cover was odd, not as amusing as it intended and off putting. For me (and possibly me alone) the contents were the same. I'm giving up and sending it to the bin. If you were considering Bossypants I suggest your local library. Chances are good they've had a few copies donated.

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