15 March, 2013

Oh March, You Are Full Of Ides

In February I discussed the extensive run of DNF books I'd encountered. I'm afraid the trend continued. Any number of books were picked up and discarded for TSTL heroines or sexapalooza plot avoidances or sheer boredom. (Wait, that was just Five Golden Rings.)

My point remains. Secret society, secret matchmakers, secret crime fighters. Secrets upon secrets and not a drop of intrigue to be had. It's a dark time in my fiction TBR, and it's made for quiet times here.

I considered dropping in a music review or three. After all, David Bowie put out a new album. You probably heard. It's brilliant. You probably heard that too. I'm not sure I had much to add from a critical standpoint. (If Courtney Milan and David Bowie collaborate it is all over for me and my credibility.) I think I'll go on a non-fiction run. I've recently read a number of decent books that I can talk about without running off on side roads about These Kids and the Books They Read.

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