11 January, 2011

Review: Custom iPad Cover by Zazzle & Speck

 (I realize the pictures could be better. It's not you, it's me. I've got other things to do. Like spend time with iPad. Who loves me. More than you.) 

Shopping for an e-reader cover is exhausting. I'm acquainted with people who are on their third or fourth iPad cover, searching for one to fit their needs. Sony 505 and I went through that, until I found the perfect cover in London. (I don't live in London, so when it broke that was a bit of an issue.) I was determined to take my time with iPad and find the right case the first time. Obviously, I've never met me. If I knew me, I would realize that Instant Gratification is my first name. People don't even bother to say the whole thing. Before they've called out Insgrat, I have what I wanted.

An exhaustive search of iPad covers was conducted. Tokidoki? Only as a Hello Kitty tie in. Manila Folder? (Clever - probably too clever.) Paul Frank? Not yet. I searched through the entire product line at eBags, I dropped by the Apple store, I ran internet searches and ebay searches and called everyone I knew with a cover. None of them were good enough for me. (My middle name is Princess Bitch, or so my sibling often claimed.) So there I was, with a naked iPad and a name like Instant Gratification Princess Bitch to live up to. (Listen, I'm just glad it doesn't spell P.I.G. Thank my parents for small favors, right?) I wanted something with better friction but easy access, something that didn't weigh me down but felt protective. (What we all want!) Umpteen random google searches later, I found the custom case option at Zazzle.

I bet a lot of kitten pictures die in the name of Zazzle iPad coverage. I'm just saying.

Anyway, I thought about getting one but holey frijole, they seemed expensive. I mean, they were a whole - oh. All the iPad cases are crazy money, pretty much. They had a decent sale running, so the custom case ended up being the same price as one from the corner big box. (I'm not here to fight the big box war, but if I wanted the same skank that's gracing every other iPad on the block I wouldn't have a middle name at all.) Choosing the photo was easy. (Yes I could have gone classic pulp fiction, or even asked my Brother the Artiste to make me up something snazzy, but that would take time. And I love this photo.) Setting it up was easy. Waiting a week was hard. (My last name is Cheapskate, I couldn't pay for overnight shipping.)

I love it a little. Ok, I love it a lot. (I certainly won't pick someone else's iPad up by mistake.) While I can see the edges of the fabric inlay eventually (possibly) curling, the overall feel is of high quality. The back hardshell has a rubberized interior to cradle little iPad's sensitive bottom, while the snap on front has a nice silicone feel without being squishy. The fabric inlay gives some traction, so the iPad feels more secure in my hands and has a light canvas feel. The side seams are pretty flush to each other, putting the front and the back together took about 2 seconds. Easy doesn't begin to cover it. I had been thinking about getting a Speck case, but made by Speck and with my graphic? So much better. I can see myself getting another one of these for days I just don't feel all urban decay, but that will involve my Brother the Artiste working the commission for me.

In short, it's not cheap but it's worth it. (Hey, like.. oh wait, I am cheap.) You can get flowery kittens, pictures of your kids, or something cool on it. (Not judging!) It's easy on, easy off, and full port access at all times. (I'm starting to feel a little uncomfortable with this conversation.) Here's a last look. This might cause me to name my iPad Ozymandias instead of Master. (The Horace Smith version of course.) Obviously, this will take Miss I.G.P.B.C some time to consider. 


  1. That's not an iPad cover, that's a work of art!

    I've got other things to do. Like spend time with iPad. Who loves me. More than you.

    How could I compete with an iPad? *sob sob* *sulk*

  2. My sibling takes great photos. So do I, but I didn't have my pics of that bus loaded on the computer. Unless that is my photo. I'm not actually sure, but I think this one was his. Mine is probably even better, but it would require scanning my film. And, you know, I have an iPad. (It's not you, it's Apple)