11 August, 2013

Review: Cat Vs. Human by Yasmine Surovec

There are plenty of cat lovers in my life. I am not one of them. (Some of my friends have to be avoided during sweater season.) Cat Vs Human is a popular site I was unaware of until I saw this book in Kinokuniya. From the cover I wasn't sure if it was for cat lovers or cat phobics. The answer is yes.

As a proud member (but not active participant) of Team Dog most cat humor eludes me. Less than 1 in 10 forwarded cats move me to anything other than an irritated click of the delete key. Imagine me sending you random captioned photos of old sneakers. Sneakers on my laptop. Sneakers unlaced and strewn on the floor. Sneakers sitting on a windowsill. Sneakers everywhere a sneaker shouldn't be, doing what they do best - which is not much for me. For the cat immune, that is internet life. One long pile up of people admiring various used shoes for reasons you can't emotionally comprehend.

Cat vs Human does an excellent job of appealing to both camps. Surovec is obviously Team Cat till she dies, but she has a fair understanding of the non afflicted. Her cartoons focus on the adorable cat themes without ignoring perplexed non cat loving partners. This is a quick breezy read slightly more filling than All My Friends Are Dead. As gift books go this is better than most. It's pretty age appropriate for teens or bosses. Giving it will either signal that you accept their insanity or that you can embrace something they love. Either way, it's a pretty solid win. (I've got to launch my Sneakers vs Cats tumblr, I think that's going viral fast.)

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